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Nice Invector template :)

Thanks! Invector is an awesome character controller, we learned a lot reading their code and it helped us understand how such a system can be built. Did you finish the game? What rank did you get?

Hello there,

How do u mean? I use Invector to and it is worth his money alot!


So depending on the number of AI kills you make in the game you get a rank, if you kill everyone you get Mass Murderer, and you get Shadow Ninja if you kill zero (use stealth) and finish the game.

Little too heavy to my old windows laptop. I can pick up the weapon but it has no ammo. My combat skills were not good enough to beat the dudes with weapons. 

But very good demo that was done for the jam, as it has quite a short time and you managed to do so much. Good work!

Thanks for the feedback and for playing the game! Can you try on low settings and see if it works?

Also the ammo is hidden and the idea was to force player to try stealth cause frankly it’s so much more thrilling to play sneakily! 

You can get 8 ammo in room 1, try behind the large square steel objects (super secret location :P), and 2 ammo pack on room 3. Also killing enemies gives 3 ammo.

Was able to play it a little when using low settings and resolution. Was better to play now on the second try. Thanks for the infos of ammo locations :)

I'm terrible at sneaking games, so I mostly start shooting whenever possible :D

Awesome! Happy to help :)

Did you finish it? What was your rank?

Was not able to finish, need more training with my stealth skills first :D

It was awesome! Feels like the intro level to a great game! The story was interesting, and the mechanics were solid!

Thanks for playing the game, you got Shadow Ninja!! 

That is totally amazing, it’s the highest rank there is. #CalmAndSlowWinsTheRace 😛

Calm and Slow Wins The Race!